Schaefer Jib Furling Systems

Schaefer jib furling systems are a remarkably high quality roller furlers for boats between 27’ and 65’+.  Schaefer jib furling systems

enable you to furl or reef your jib or gennoa single handedly from the safety of your cockpit.

The line of Schafer roller furlers features stainless steel construction and are known for their durable design.  Schaefer jib furling systems offer three furling units:

Schaefer jib furlers use a combination of smooth-rolling Torlon bearings and a round head stay extrusion, with this design Schaefer has reduced the effort required to roll up or reef a genoa relative to competitive furlers.

Schaefer Jib Furler Features include:

  • Large furling drum diameter increases mechanical advantage making furling easier
  • Anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel provide strength, durability
  • Round Extrusions with dual sail grooves (except System 750) allow easy furling
  • Open cage design for easy inspection and maintenance of jib furling system
  • Polyethylene bearing liners stop corrosion and promote smooth roller furling
  • Captive Fasteners ensure that no roller furler parts will be lost

Schaefer jib furling systems

offer a complete system including a furler drum & tube package,  a matching toggle and link, either standard or long.  Schaefer jib furling systems use Norseman or Sta-Lok fittings for easy installation over your existing standard wire head stay and turnbuckle.  Schaefer Jib Furling Systems without mechanical fittings are designed for rod or pre-swaged wire head stays.

Schaefer Jib Furler Specifications:

  • Ball Bearings: 3/8″ Torlon ball bearings in multiple open races. No lubrication needed
  • Schaefer furler installation: Schaefer recommends assembly by a professional rigger.
  • Larger sizes (System 4100) are available through Special Order.
  • Head stay Pin Size: Wire size-pin diameter are important ordering dimensions. Select Sta-Lok or Norseman terminal and Standard or Long toggle link.
  • Furler Drum Material: Anodized aluminum with stainless drum cage. Split drum easily removable for “race mode”
  • Furler Features: Stainless feeder.  Captive fasteners. Riveted assembly. Overbuilt heavy-duty base toggle link
  • Headstay Extrusion: Round anodized aluminum centered on head stay
  • Schaefer Jib Furler Parts & Accessories
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