Harken Roller Furlers

For nearly a quarter century, Harken roller furling systems

have reliably gone about the job of helping sailors furl and unfurl sails from the cockpit.  Harken roller furling systems are renown for their quality, innovative roller furling features and durability.  Harken roller furlers are loaded with features to make furling and reefing safe, fast and easy.

Roller Furling Systems from Harken :

Here’s what sets Harken furlers apart:

1. Reliable Foil Joints. Interlocking shapes prevent twisting so foils withstand years of roller furler use. Powerful adhesive completely covers furler connectors to spread load evenly over joint. Screws provide permanent lock.
2. Better Sail Shape. Swivels at head and tack turn separately to flatten and depower the sail so you can point higher and heel less while sailing upwind while the jib is reefed.
3. Ball Bearings. Free-rolling Torlon ball bearings minimize friction to make roller furling and reefing easier.

4. Wide Inner Spool. Wide inner spool increases mechanical advantage for more pulling power when roller furling.

5. Warranty. Harken roller furlers are backed by a 7 year warranty.

Harken makes roller furling systems for everything from dinghys to 50+ footers (although the later may be special orders).  The Harken line of roller furlers includes products for day sailor, racer and cruiser.  Harken roller furlers include:

Harken MKIV Roller Furlers.

The Harken MKIV furler series is a dual groove furling system that is ideal for racers or performance oriented cruisers.  The MKIV furling series has options for sailors with boats from 22’ to 46’ and includes these systems: Harken MKIV Unit 0 furler

(22’-28’ boats), Harken MKIV Unit 1 furler (28’-36’ boats), Harken MKIV Unit 2 furler (36’-46’ boats)

Harken Cruising Unit roller furlers

The Harken Cruising Unit furler series is a single groove roller furling system that includes the Harken Cruising Furler Unit 1

and Harken Cruising Furler Unit 2 .

Harken Small Boat Roller Furlers

Harken’s series of small sailboat roller furling products includes is perfect for dinghys and daysailers between 16’ – 26’ in length.  These Harken furlers include the Harken Unit 00AL Roller Furler  and Harken small boat roller furler kit.

Harken MKIV Furlers

MKIV Unit 0 Furlers MKIV Unit 0 Furler, 3/8 inch Pin

Harken Cruising Furlers

Cruising Furler Unit 2 Cruising Furler Unit 2, 5/8 inch Pin

Small Boat Furlers

Harken Small Boat Furlers
Harken Code 0 Furlers

Harken Code 0 Furlers