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RollerFurler.com is a leading resource for information on jib, genoa, gennaker and code zero roller furling systems.  You will find information on furling systems for both racers and cruisers.  Whether you sail a 14′ dinghy or a 90′ yacht, RollerFurler.com will help you find the right roller furling system for your needs.


Rollerfurler.com features furling systems from top quality manufacturers including Harken

, Profurl , Schaefer and Facnor and their extensive lines of products: Continuous line roller furlers, Code 0 roller furlers, Roller furler parts & accessories (drums, blocks, clevis pins, etc), Furlers for racers, Furlers for cruisiers, Furlers for daysailers, Gennaker furlers

Harken Furlers

MKIV Unit 0 Furlers MKIV Unit 0 Furler, 3/8 inch Pin

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